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Become a leader the world deserves
"Amateurs focus on building followers. Leaders focus on building legacies."
- Peter Jansen
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Where an exclusive group of young leaders are selected to
live and learn together, to develop into the Great Leaders of tomorrow.
Learn from the team, who has coached, developed, trained, scouted, and advised
Presidents of countries, heads of state, high-end CEOs and other leaders around the world.
What Legacy do you want to create?
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Strong Leadership and Vision
1 month
The self aware and organised leader
Power and Innovation
1 month
Use design thinking and strategy to level up you influence and leadership
Leading through Adversity
1 month
Learn how to build resilient teams foresee conflict and negotiate through almost any complex situation
LeaderMaker Incubator
3 months
A 3 month immersion to Leadership Mastery
Connect with a like-minded community of change makers.
"becoming experts in leading, creating influence, building social networks, building impactful lives, and lasting legacies"
A few who are selected to join us are those who are ready to
step away from distraction, focus on what really matters, and
develop intentionally through an intensive and inside out approach.
These developing leaders will be the ones who will lead and transform our future.
We have a thorough application and interview process to ensure that
we provide the strongest relationship and community building opportunities or all involved.
Do you have what it takes?
This is where Leadership is Born.
"Leadership is developed intentionally in parallel with character and vision"
Our selected participants will be invited to spend between
1-3 months with us in beautiful Portugal, depending on the program selected.
Couples are welcome to join.
This offers an additional support system and opportunity to grow together.
Strong support systems are crucial for strong leaders.
Our CEOs are a prime example of how
partnerships exponentialize in both business and life when they explore, support and develop together.